Are you heading out for a day on your boat? It’s time to prepare for an amazing ride. Having life jackets available for all on board, a delicious lunch, snacks, sun gear, and your fishing tackle, (if that’s your thing), is essential. What else? You may also want to have the best boating accessories with you to make your day that much easier and more enjoyable! From underwater lighting to tech gadgets, premium seating, and more, there’s something for everyone. Here’s what should be on your must-have list in 2022 when it comes to the best boating experience possible.

Underwater Boat Lighting
Daytripping may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of boating. This being said, it’s also common to be out on the water at night. Once the sun goes down, it can be easy to make a mistake in the dark. Protect yourself and others and be easy to be seen with underwater boat lighting that illuminates the water around you and lets other boaters know exactly where you are.

A Fish Finder
For those who love the pursuit of sea creatures great and small, a fish finder can make all the difference. Numerous companies sell fish finders including Garmin, Hummingbird, and Raymarine, making your day of angling and trawling that much more successful. How does it work? Ultrasonic waves are transmitted and reflected back to you if and when they hit an object. It could be rocks or sunken treasure, but chances are even better it may be that coveted fish!

Cushioned Seating
Your boat likely already has some pleasant seating on board.  It’s always a good idea to maximise it, however, by adding more or upgrading what’s already there. Boating means hours out on the water and you want to be comfortable. Cushioned bench seating with side pockets adds functionality to your space, providing a spot to store small fishing tackle, a book, or even your sunglasses. Additional swivel seating gives everyone a spot to sit for the ride. Whether you’re out in a cabin boat like the 545 Blue Water, or cruising in a bowrider like the 515 Beach Comber, comfort is key!

A Waterproof Bluetooth Sound System
Having the best music on board is also essential. With a waterproof Bluetooth sound system, you can listen to your favourite tunes all day without worrying about the extra splash. There are numerous top-quality wireless, portable Bluetooth speakers you can bring on your next trip. Pair them with your phone or another storing device, and sit back and enjoy.  Set the tone and atmosphere exactly the way you like it!

A USB Charging Port
All that music on your phone won’t be great to have onboard, however, if you can’t access it. Keep your devices charged during the length of your trip with a marine plug that sports USB sockets. Specially designed for boating environments, these ports are rendered waterproof when the lid is clicked closed and locked. Made from UV-resistant materials and complete with anti-corrosion on key places like the circuit board, these ports are sometimes able to charge even faster than your standard USB sockets. Don’t be caught without a battery. Charging ports onboard can be extremely useful.

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