Have you made plans for the holidays yet? Around Brisbane one of the best ways to spend family time is out on the water. Think about the freedom a day out on the family boat gives you and your kids. Snorkelling, swimming, fishing are all excellent options. Plus, there’s a chance to discover new and hard-to-access places and we think a Savage boat is the best way to take you there.

Discover New Places
Spending days out on the water allows you access to areas that you simply couldn’t drive to. Moreton Island is a firm favourite. Located only 40 km from the mainland, it might as well be a world away. Taking your boat allows you to avoid the crowds and get the priceless feeling of having the entire island to yourself. Imagine being lucky enough to watch dolphins feed nearby – or possibly even snorkelling with them. That’s true holiday magic!

Of course, your family has more options: around the area, Tangalooma, Stradbroke, and Pendleton islands are all excellent destinations for a day out. Enjoy beach BBQs, beach games, and so much more right on Brisbane’s doorstep. With any luck, you may even have caught the fish you’re barbequing!

Why Savage Boats?
A Savage boat is a perfect choice for a family boat, and it’s not hard to see why once you look at what really makes for a perfect family day on the water.

When you want to maximise your family time, you need a solid, simple, and reliable boat that still offers all the features you need. Savage boats deliver exactly that, and they are excellent value, too. The company has a long-standing tradition of boatbuilding in fact, they are Australia’s oldest aluminium boat brand with more than 120 years of experience under their belt.

All Savage boats are built to last generations and that means you can get a family boat right now, take your kids out to their very own remote beach and start a family tradition to last. Fifty years from now, your grandchildren could still follow the same tradition.

Gone are the days when boating was simply too expensive for most families. Savage boats have a few clever features that make running them cost-efficient, leaving you a bigger budget for Christmas presents if that’s what you’re celebrating. Savage’s unique Ultra Lift Hull makes it easy to put your boat on the plane, helping you save fuel while you’re having fun. You’ll spend more time boating and less time refuelling and we think the Mercury engines work extremely well with them too.

Your passengers may not appreciate the finer points of hulls, but they will love the stability these boats provide. Even with your kids jumping off the back of the boat for another round of snorkelling, you’ll be comfortable at rest.

Fishing enthusiasts love the boats’ stability, too. Savage boats are perfect for whiling away hours having a chat whilst waiting for the fish to take the bait.

If you love boat driving as much as anything, fear not. Savage boat hulls are designed with a deep V to deflect spray and neutralise chop. The Extended Reverse Chine allows you to take corners more tightly. Whether your family loves a tranquil cruise or prefers a fun ride, these boats truly deliver. Most models now feature plate look sides, making them even stronger.

Last, but not least, there is plenty of space for four or five people plus supplies: snacks, cold drinks, fishing rods, snorkelling gear – you name it, and your Savage boat has a dedicated space for all and a wide range of safety gear.

What’s Next
Don’t take our word for it – give us a call or come talk to us and look at the boats to see for yourself. You’ll be spoilt for choice, and we’re here to help you find your perfect family boat.