If owning a boat is a little idea that has lived rent-free in your mind for a while now, read our four reasons why owning a boat is just so amazing (warning: you WILL want to buy a Savage boat)!

Boating reduces stress
There is so much going on in our lives. We are constantly bombarded with beeps, vibrations, horns honking, alarms blaring. The commuter train noises fill our ears as our minds are taking seemingly endless mental notes over the chugging– remember little Susie’s birthday gift, call your mother-in-law, finish that presentation, take the chicken out the freezer. Noise. It’s all noise. But not out on the water. Blue spaces have long thought to be a place of calm, a healing space that rejuvenates and re-sets. It is not just an opinion, either. An extensive 2013 study on happiness in natural environments saw its participants rank marine and coastal to be the happiest environment by a clear margin. So, yes, boating is a sure way to de-stress and take some much-needed time away from life onshore.

You get to master new skills
Whoever said you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks? And who’s calling anyone old? Boating is an all-ages affair, with so many new skills to master, you can dip in and out of the boatie world or go the whole hog and join all the clubs going. From knots to navigation, anchoring to tying up your Savage boat at the marina, there’s a fair bit to master, and it’s a beautiful way to stretch your knowledge and skills to new levels, be it recreationally on the weekend or as a full-time hobby for the newly retired. The benefits are endless.

You get to reconnect with family
If you’ve got kids, you’ll know that competing for their time can be difficult. With sporting commitments, their hectic social life and of course, their love of screens, it can be hard to connect as a family away from distractions. The more digitally connected we become as a society, the more fragmented our relationships can feel in the real world. Owning a Savage boat provides the perfect opportunity to get everyone in on the game. As you’re mastering these skills, you can encourage your children to do the same. It may be learning to fish together or enjoying a day of swimming and boating. These cherished memories will be priceless while they are young and more magical bonding as they grow.

Experience the world in your own way
Have you ever taken a tour on holiday and wished you didn’t have to experience it with other tourists? It sounds selfish, we know – but we’ll take a punt you have! Sometimes we want to immerse ourselves in the beauty of our environment away from others. The awesome thing about owning a boat is that you can do just this! If all you love is to crack a tinnie and listen to the gentle ripples of the aqua water around you, then that is precisely what you can do!

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So if you resonate with any of our four awesome reasons to own a boat, call us today and let us help find you the perfect boat. It’s time to enjoy life on the bluer side!