Are you wondering about Savage boat maintenance? Or if you have the time or skills to maintain it? The good news is, Savage’s boats are exceptionally durable and basic maintenance requires only a few days per year to keep it in tip-top condition.

For added peace of mind, Savage also offers a conditional 5-year factory backed warranty on all newly purchased boats. With proper care and routine maintenance, a Savage boat can last for decades. Here’s our run-down of the most essential things you need to do to look after your investment.

Essential Boat Maintenance Tasks

  1. Use fresh water to rinse your hull and flush your motor after each trip. It only takes a few minutes, reduces the risk of corrosion, and removes harmful contaminants. Wipe down with a clean soft cloth or chamois. Afterwards, pull out the bung and, if it’s on a trailer, tilt your boat to allow the water to drain out from the inner hull.
  2. Use a cover to protect your boat from rain, dust, mice and other creepy crawlies. For prolonged storage, leave it to dry for at least 3 days before covering it up to stop moisture from developing.
  3. Inspect and service your engine annually or for every 1,500 running hours on a marine petrol engine—whichever comes first. Marine diesel versions require servicing every 5,000 running hours. If you have any doubts about how to maintain your engine, hire a pro.
  4. Use neutral soap and water to clean stainless steel fittings and railings and use chrome cleaner to remove rust spots. Once you’re done, use car or boat wax to restore its sheen and reduce further oxidation.
  5. Over time, new and unpainted aluminium develops a dull-coloured layer of oxidation, which provides natural protection for the metal underneath. However, if you want to restore it back to its original bright finish–which is totally optional–you can polish it using an aluminium cleaner or abrasive compound. But, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions!
  6. Check your safety gear every three months. If you’re not sure what you should have on board, Maritime Safety Queensland has a handy boat safety equipment checklist and recreational boating and fishing guide.

At a bare minimum, ensure the following is in working order:

  • Bailing and pumping equipment
  • Anchor and warp/chain
  • Oars or paddles (for boats under 6m)
  • Lifejackets and personal floatation devices (PFDs)
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Signalling devices, such as torches, if you’re boating outside of daylight hours

Boats moored in salt or freshwater must be hauled out and scrubbed down to remove marine growth at least twice a year. Below the waterline, use antifouling paint suitable for aluminium if you want long-term protection.

Many boat owners find the trickiest task is repairing and troubleshooting marine engine problems. If you need help, our team at Mikes Marine is available to assist. We have decades of experience working with most brands of marine engine and we only use genuine parts. We have a whole range of other services too, from upholstery and fibreglass repairs to pre-purchase inspections and used boat sales.

In general, the annual cost of boat maintenance is usually less than 10% of the total cost of the boat. So, you can expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars per year to maintain an unpainted Savage Hawk 300 and more than a thousand dollars per year for a Savage 615 Blue Water.

If you have questions about your boat, Savage boat maintenance, or anything else, drop us a line via our contact form or call us today on (07) 3390 3418.