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If you’re looking for a boat you can use for fishing or leisure in Australia’s wonderful summer weather, Mike’s Marine has just what you need! Whether you’re looking to buy a tinnie or maintain one you already own, they offer boats for sale along with maintenance services in the Brisbane and Redlands Bay areas.

The name of the boat is pretty self-explanatory: a “tinnie” is a small metal boat designed for up to 3 people, with brackets for paddles, fuel tanks, and a small engine.

Are you planning to do a little fishing? Then a tinnie is a perfect boat for you. Want to cruise across the lake on a nice sunny day, or maybe have a picnic downstream? Then you need to buy a tinnie! No matter the dream, a tinnie is sure to satisfy. Check out the Mike’s Marine website to explore their collection of Redlands Raptor Boats, Redlands tinnies and other Redlands boats for sale!

310 Water Rat HD
For an affordable tinnie that’s small enough to fit on top of your car, the 310 Water Rat is the boat for you! At 3.23 metres in length and only 70 kilograms, this boat is accessible for beginner boaters. You can even bring a mate with you, as the Water Rat holds up to 2 people! If you’re worried about buying a boat you can’t carry, you should know that the main motor is only 28 kilograms so any couple of committed people can get her up and out of the water.

355 Raptor
When it comes to Redlands Raptor boats, the 355 Raptor is one of the most popular. This model allows you to navigate tight fishing spots without being cramped, making it a great choice for the keen angler. It also fits atop most utes or trailers so it’s easy to take travelling! At 3.55 metres long, the 355 Raptor is a solid choice for avid fishers or anyone looking to upgrade their current transom.

405 Raptor Pro
If you’re an avid angler, you’ll want to check out the 405 Raptor Pro. Its wide chines increase its stability at rest and underway, yet it remains a soft riding tinnie with a stylish and modern design. Unlike the others featured in this piece, the 405 Raptor Pro is painted white with blue accents, so you’re bound to stand out when you’re out on the water. This particular tinnie is a bit bigger than the others, coming in at 4.06 metres in length, but it can carry an engine up to 98 kilograms along with 3 people! Bring your mates and enjoy a full day of fishing on the 405 Raptor Pro.

Whether you’re a first-time boat buyer or an experienced fisherman, a Raptor Tinnie is a really great option. From under 3.5 metres to over 4 metres long and able to hold 1-3 people, the Redlands boats for sale at Mike’s Marine are sure to fit your every need. You’ll be satisfied with your purchase whether you end up with the smaller 310 Water Rat HD, the mid-size 355 Raptor, or upscale to the 405 Raptor Pro.

Got questions about Redlands Raptor boats? Visit Mike’s Marine website and contact one of their professional boat salespeople to get your questions answered.