So, you’re ready to buy a boat, and maybe it’s your first one? That’s exciting, but it can feel a bit overwhelming to make the right choice. This article is there to help you choose between a Savage runabout and a Savage fishing boat. Here’s what you need to know about the differences.

Why Savage?
First of all, let’s take a look at why Savage boats is a good choice no matter which type you pick. The team at Savage have been building boats for over 120 years, which makes them Australia’s longest-standing aluminium boat brand.

The range is budget friendly, and Savage boats are rugged, to say the least. You can look forward to decades of boating fun with all the family.

Runabout or Fishing Boat?
Choosing between a runabout or a fishing boat is all about imagining what you would like to use your new boat for. Think about it this way: you wouldn’t take a Landrover on a racetrack. Neither would you expect a sleek Ferrari to survive a day of off-road driving?

An Allrounder For Any Situation
A runabout boat is just that – a multipurpose boat you can use for various activities. It’s the perfect vessel to take the family on a day out and simply enjoy time on the water together. Of course, it will accommodate fishing, too.

But Savage’s Bay Cruiser range of runabouts offers many more features that make it an easy choice. Fibreglass decks not only give the boat a sleek and stylish look. High side decks ensure your family and friends are safe, and a full-length rear lounge makes sure you are cruising in comfort.

The 455 Bay Cruiser’s hull was specifically designed to offer an increased lift. You will notice improved performance and better fuel efficiency. Naturally, there are rod holders and plenty of storage space for everything else you need for the perfect family day out. Runabouts are ideal entry-level vessels, and Savage boat’s prices reflect that.

A Perfect Tool For The Job
Fishing boats on the other hand are made for serious fishing aficionados. Every centimetre is dedicated to helping you make that catch.

Savage’s Scorpion range is a great example. These no-fuss boats suit both budding anglers and experienced fishers. One of our favourites is the Savage 425 Scorpion. Its extended reverse chine makes it easy to take corners more tightly and navigate with precision. As a consequence, you and your buddies will find it much easier to reach fishing spots that a runabout can’t get into.

What About The Power?
Suitable propulsion is one of the key elements to enjoying your day out on both runabouts and fishing boats. Savage built both the Scorpion and the Bay Cruiser range for outboard engines.

At Mike’s Marine, we believe that the Mercury range of engines offers some of the best value for money available in the market today. We are one of Brisbane’s leading Mercury suppliers and stock a wide range.

What’s more, we specialise in Mercury engine maintenance and can look after all aspects of boat servicing.

Choosing the right boat is a big decision for anyone. Start by considering what you would most like to use your boat for. Runabouts are all-rounders offering comfort and allowing fishing. Fishing boats, on the other hand, are fantastic tools for the sport. To see the difference for yourself, get in touch with our team today and come picture yourself out on the water in a Savage boat!