Whether it’s a fishing trip with your mates or a family get-together on the water, you’ll want a boat that’s up to the job. Built to last, all new Savage Boats are practical, reliable and offer excellent value for money.

With well over a century of experience in building boats in Australia, Savage Boats has adapted its designs to fit an ultra-modern world.

Find out more about Savage Boats as we take a look at the eclectic range available from Australia’s oldest aluminium boat brand.

There’s a New Savage Boat With Your Name on It!

Savage Boats can offer more than 40 different models, from dinghies to cabin boats, all ideal for trips in Brisbane’s Redlands and Bayside. There are no expensive extras. That means every boat is budget-friendly but with all the essentials you’ll need for a day out fishing, entertaining or both.

All new Savage Boats are tough and rugged and now boast plate-look sides on most models for extra strength and durability. Maintaining a new savage boat is also very straight forward.

What Makes Savage Fishing Boats So Special?

Unique to the Savage brand is the Ultra-Lift Hull. This comes as standard on most Savage models. The Savage engineering team has drawn on the decades of experience the company has behind it to come up with a design that:

  • Improves stability both at rest and on the move
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Offers an all-round better performance and passenger experience

Savage sees great stability not as a luxury but as essential for both fishing and family outings.

The deep V design deflects spray more effectively, reducing the impact of choppy waters. It delivers tight-corner capability, ideal for dams, creeks or rivers and hard-to-find fishing spots in Bayside and along the Redlands Coast.

The design also helps to give more lift when accelerating into a plane. That improves fuel efficiency levels. All in all, new Savage Boats offer a vastly improved driving experience so that everyone on board has a more enjoyable day out.

New Savage Boats Have You Covered

Available in a huge array of colours, stripes and wraps, there are 7 key models in the new Savage Boats range. Each model or type comes with a variety of specs for your fishing or family day trips. Here’s a taster of the selection:

Cabins for Fishing and Family Days Out

The 4 great value Savage Blue Water models each boast a front cabin to help protect you and your family members from the spray and elements. There’s plenty of storage space for fishing trips too.

The 575 Blue Water is a superb option for combining both family days out with some serious fishing. Rod holders and a folding rear lounge come as standard.

The 615 Bluewater features a cavernous cabin in which you can even stay overnight! Hydraulic steering and a 200-hp capability make this an exciting 5-star choice at an affordable price.

Bowriders Are Ideal for Family Trips

These are available in 5 different versions. The comfortably sized Bowrider 485 Beach Comber is a great choice for families who want to get out and play on the water. The 515 Beach Comber works well for those who want to include some water sports during their family day out. The versatile 545 Beach Comber is ideal for both water-skiing and fishing.

Open Boats Are Great for Fishing

The 310 Water Rat or 355 Snipe, the first 2 in a range of 9 boats, will fast become your besties if you’re new to fishing. The 375 Snipe is sturdy and easily maneuverable, a great choice for your next camping adventure.

The spacious 425 Kestrel boasts a large carpeted casting platform. It’s ideal for 4 passengers who are after plenty of comfort in a small yet sturdy tinnie. The largest model in the range, the amazingly spacious 525 Safari will power you and your mates to all the best fishing spots out there.

Scorpions Are the Ultimate Savage Fishing Boats!

There are more than 10 model types in this range packed with everything you need for the ideal fishing trip. These Savage fishing boats are the ultimate tinnies for your next big adventure as you meander along the Redlands Coast. Here are some of the features available depending on the type of model you choose:

  • Spacious decks with 3 seating positions, 4 rod holders and 2 side pockets
  • Front and rear casting platforms for keen anglers
  • Live bait tanks for extra convenience
  • Plenty of storage space including special bins in the front casting platform

Runabouts for Families and Fishing Trips

The 6 Bay Cruisers in this range have a great variety of features for fishing enthusiasts. The family-friendly 545 Bay Cruiser has a spacious 95L fuel tank. It boasts superb fuel efficiency and excellent lift when accelerating. Depending on the model, other features include:

  • Carpeted floors and rod holders
  • Rolled side decks for a stylish finish
  • A lean-through hatch for easy access, rod holders and deep freeboard
  • Plenty of useful storage space

Easy to Tow Ospreys

Towing the 445 Osprey behind your family car is going to be a breeze. It’s also easy to manoeuvre in and out of the water. This Savage Boat offers almost instant accessibility to estuaries and lagoons in Bayside and beyond.

Its sister, the 425 Osprey, is a great value for money. option. That’s because it comes with a long list of standard extras. These include a low carpeted floor, anchor well, transom step and rail along with extruded side decks.

Raptors: The Hawk 320 Is Ideal for Car Topping

The extensive range of Raptors starts with the 300 Hawk, a boat that can go where its larger cousins dare not venture. This Savage Boat is ideal for a spot of estuary fishing or to coast around your favourite dam for a relaxing day out. The Hawk 320 is ideal for car topping.

The largest boat in the Raptor range is the 445 Raptor Pro. It lets you get ahead of the game because the unique hull design lets you reach those shallow waters and fish where others can’t. Its open layout makes it ideal for casting.

Buy Your New Savage Boat Today!

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