From new seating to LED lights and a more powerful engine, boat upgrades can be easy to do and well worth the investment.

There’s no doubt, that your boat is your sanctuary on the water. An amazing boat can provide you with endless hours of fun and irreplaceable memories. Upgrading your vessel with new accessories and finishing touches this season can help you optimise your experience for the best possible enjoyment. For increased comfort, better resale value, and upgraded style, turn to these four ways to upgrade your boat for a fantastic season on the water!

Replace worn-out seating and Fibreglass
It’s easy for boat upholstery and seating to become worn out and a little worse for wear over time. Your fibreglass may also need some attention. By replacing folding seats, flip back seats, and bench seat cushions you can do wonders to upgrade the look and feel of your boat. What should you purchase? Premium boat seats like those from Relaxn’s Mako Series feature superior, high-density foam padding to protect you from the impact of bumps and jumps on the waves. High-quality UV stabilised vinyl ensures long term comfort and durability under the sun. Love a splash of colour? Get increased colour options and affordability with excellent cushions that can be removed for cleaning and storage for ease of use.

At Mike’s Marine, we have the best Savage boats, in Brisbane, and we’re also proud to partner with local, trusted boat upholstery repair available at Icon Marine Trimming. It could be that your existing seating is highly attractive but simply needs a bit of love and care. For specialised trimming, padding and covers, turn to Icon Marine to have your seating looking like new again.

And what about that damaged fibreglass? If your boat’s hull needs fixing, call Todd’s Fibreglass Repairs located in Capalaba, Queensland. Todd is an expert at repairing and restoring boats resulting in stunning makeovers. With over 15 years of experience, Todd’s gets the job done right!

With a bit of effort, time, and money invested in rejuvenating your boat’s seats and surfaces, you can have your vessel looking just like brand new.

Install a stereo system onboard
Having your favourite music on board with easy access to controls and the perfect listening environment can make your boating an even better adventure. Boats like the 515 Blue Water and the 615 Blue Water provide offshore capabilities without breaking the bank. Adding a stereo system to your boat can bring the fun to live with your favourite soundtrack.

Keep your sound equipment compact with the Ecoxgear Ecoedge Plus Speaker. This device comes complete with multicoloured RGB party lights, big sound, an enhanced passive woofer, and 20+ hours of playtime. Access Siri and OK Google with the simple-to-use EcoTalk button, and pair two Eco units together for a stereo sound experience. Stream audio from your smartphone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. This speaker made specifically for boats even has a bottle opener!

Invest in impressive LED lighting
Aside from enhanced sound, improving your lighting can also do wonders for the look of your vessel. LED lighting can be the perfect addition. More energy efficient than incandescent lights, LED lights can add colour and safety to your boat. Highlight both interior and exterior surfaces so you can move about easily in low light conditions. Attach an adhesive strip to your deck or cabin for a glow that bait love. The fish you want to reel in may likely follow!

LED lights don’t emit heat, making them perfect additions inside your boat cabin in warm weather. This type of lighting also comes in a wide variety of colours allowing you to specialise the look of your boat to suit your exact taste. Get a light bar for your wake tower, and create attractive effects on your gunwales, behind panels, and around speakers. Create an impressive underwater presence with lights that can be mounted on the transom and hull. Emit subtle accents and let people know you’re there. Lights like the Sea Hawk-350 LED light bar generates over 2200 lumens of white light without unwanted glare.

LED lights can add significant appeal to your boat with great functionality and increased aesthetics.

Re-power your engine
Finally, Boat Engine Re-Powering can give you the power you seek as well as that coveted added resale value. At Mike’s Marine, we are Capalaba leaders in boat engine re-powering. With a specialty in servicing Mercury boat engines with a combined 80 years of experience, we know boats inside and out!

When thinking about investing in engine re-power, consider the end result you desire. Are you looking for increased performance or improved fuel efficiency? Do you want to keep the engine you have and enhance its capabilities, or would an entirely new engine be the best approach?

The age of your boat as well as the warranty on your current engine can affect your decision. How much your engine weighs and the type of insurance you have also come into play. You want an engine that suits your needs but doesn’t drive up your insurance costs and causes you to bob up and down in the waves awkwardly.

We can help you make the best decision. Our expert team provides reliable advice on Boat Engine Re-Powering and offers service you can count on and we want you to have the best experience possible. Bring your boat to our convenient drop off zone and let our trained technicians examine your needs in our fully equipped Mercury boat engines certified workshop. We can advise you on the best route for an upgraded engine and more. As your specialised Mercury outboard motor and Savage Boat dealership, Mike’s Marine has unbeatable and specialised knowledge.

Contact local specialists for the best advice
We are a family-owned business with your satisfaction truly resting at the heart of our success. Turn to Mike’s Marine for quality advice and service you know will be done right the first time around. For boat engine-repowering, service, and sales, we are an industry leader. Contact us today!