Getting out for some family fun away from shore can be a rewarding experience. The open waters can bring a fresh perspective and it can be the perfect moment to leave the stress of daily life behind and spend valuable time bonding together through a shared experience. As with any adventure, time away may become unpredictable. With a bit of planning and foresight, however, everyone can have a great time!

Here are our top 5 tips for surviving the family fishing trip and making the most of your time together on the water.

Pace yourself and take breaks
It may be tempting to blast away from the dock and head out streaming across the water with no end in sight. Why stop or slow down? Freedom at last! When fishing with young kids, however, it can be important to remember to take breaks. Plan a trip with a beach stop, or a playground along the way, or placed at the beginning or end of your journey. You can save your sanity and theirs with well-timed rest stops and snacks that keep everyone comfortable and happy.  Plan your day.  Break it down into a workable schedule that suits the whole gang.

Bring the right gear
Having the proper boat and equipment on hand can make a world of difference. Brisbane fishing boats like the 545 Blue Water have a large cabin to comfortably protect passengers from rain, wind, and sun and provide you with space to store all you need. For a different slice of life, a boat like the 415 Bay Cruiser offers all you need for fishing enthusiasts.

What about the smaller stuff? Of course, life jackets are a must for all, including experienced swimmers. Kid-friendly tackle that young ones can handle safely themselves makes the day fun for all ages. First aid kits, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen can also help keep you safe. And who can forget the fishing gear! Lures, flies, extra fishing line, bobbers, sinkers, pliers, barbless hooks, leaders, and live bait maybe some of the items you want on your list.

It can also be a good idea to have spare tools available to use in a pinch. Spanners, screwdrivers and an extra drain plug, as well as duct tape, are all valuable to have at hand. Plus, a bit of extra fuel stored in a container designed exclusively for this use can also come in handy in an emergency.

Take advantage of teachable moments
School isn’t the world’s only classroom. Family fishing trips can be a great place to learn about water and boating safety, so seize the moment! It can be useful to go over the basics before boarding, like the importance of always wearing a life jacket, and fishing etiquette. Take time to establish clear rules for your trip, (such as young children not touching the steering wheel and gears), and why this is important.

In addition, make sure to choose a designated water watcher. Teach your kids what you know about the area and the flora and fauna you come across on your adventure for a full-on experience.

Relax and enjoy the chaos
Leisure time with family can be relaxing and it can also be hectic. Kids get excited, hungry, bored, and fidgety, all within a few moments. Appropriate snacks and breaks can help you roll with the chaos. Have fun and don’t worry about the mess if it happens. You’re making memories to last a lifetime remember!

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