When heading out on the water for the day, having the right equipment on board your boat is important for success, fun and safety. This includes making sure you have your everyday boating items onboard such as lifejackets, a first aid kit, and enough fuel in your tank to get back home. Having some of the best boating apps downloaded onto your phone can also help turn an average day of fishing or cruising into a fantastic one.

At Mike’s Marine we want you to have an amazing time with friends and family and aside from having regular Redlands boat maintenance undertaken, boating apps can be a big help.

So which apps should you have on your phone to ensure you get the best out of your aquatic adventure?

Here’s a look at 6 of the best boating apps around to ensure you’ll have a great time out on the water!

 Willy Weather

Nothing makes or breaks a day of fun spent outside in nature more than the weather conditions.

Should you bring all the rain gear you own, or stick to a light tank top and a basic pair of shorts? We guarantee…this app will tell you!

Knowing the weather when boating around Moreton Bay and beyond is key. It’s also important to keep track of other elements on the water, in order to stay safe. Willy Weather is an app that truly goes above and beyond. This app provides you with information on weather predictions, wind speeds, extreme conditions alerts, wave swell height, tides, sunrise, sunset, and so much more. Once you have this in your pocket you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


The Navionics app provides users with detailed nautical charts that can help you identify the areas that are richest in fish. The fisherman’s dream! With sonar imagery and relief shading, as well as Satellite Overlay with SonarChart Shading and five layers of charts to choose from, there is a plethora of information here to potentially have at your fingertips.

In addition to performing other functions, these charts can help you identify transition areas that could indicate the best locations for casting your favorite lure.

Included are: nautical charts, SonarChart, community edits and the ActiveCaptain Community. Redlands boaters, need we say more?

Anchor Alarm

Do you feel like you’re moving around when you shouldn’t be? Be alerted if your anchor drags while you rest or sleep with this simple alarm. The alarm has both visual and acoustic elements for optimal use and allows you to set up an alert on a second device. It also works offline, which is a huge plus when out on a weekend trip.

 Knot Guide

 Are you wondering how the other boaters tie such beautiful knots? It’s likely they have this app to help them. Knot Guide is just that: a guide to tying nautical knots of all kinds. Knowing you’re doing it right can give you peace of mind that things are secure on board and at the docks. Save your favourite knots for quick and easy access. Scores of knots are included in this app!

 Australian Boat Ramp Finder

 And…here we go ‘round again, searching for a boat ramp. That was yesterday but not today with this easy-to-use app that helps you locate the nearest boat ramp in Australia. With over 1,500 verified boat ramps listed, this is certainly a useful tool to have.


Finally, we recommend you use Fishtrack to find the world’s best locations for offshore fishing before you set out. Included in this useful application are cutting-edge cloud-free high-resolution Sea Surface Temperature (SST) charts, currents, altimetry, chlorophyll images, and much more.

Need Some Help?
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