Estimates put the number of Australians who regularly participate in recreational fishing at over 3 million. That makes it one of the country’s most popular outdoor activities. This is a pastime that crosses demographic divides and is not age-limited.

Brisbane and its surrounding areas are home to some of the best locations for a day out fishing. The endless backdrops of stunning scenery and the calm blue waters make it an angler’s dream.

Redland Bay has put itself firmly on the map for fishing enthusiasts. Read on to find out why Redland Bay Fishing is such a winner with fishing enthusiasts!

A Bay, the Islands and a River
Since the first European settlers landed almost 200 years ago, Redland Bay has maintained its reputation as a fishing-based area. The locality gets its name from the bay to its east which forms part of the larger Moreton Bay.

Nearby islands include North Stradbroke Island, Lamb Island, Russell Island, Macleay Island and Karragarra Island, where several thousand residents have their bases. Many choose to live there so that they can enjoy the water on their boats.

There’s a smattering of other uninhibited islands too. At its southern end, Redland Bay includes the mouth and part of the Logan River. This area too has become a fishing hotspot.

Redland Bay Fishing: Your Catch of the Day
So what could you bring home on a typical day out fishing in the Redland Bay area? Here’s the lowdown if you’re heading out on the water by boat:

When the temperature starts to drop and the days begin to become shorter, you know that bream season is just around the corner. There are two main species of bream in Queensland, yellowfin bream and pikey bream.

Even when it’s not bream season they can still be big in numbers. You’ll find them schooled up around anything that disrupts the tidal flow. That includes rock walls, snags and pylons. Top spots include the Logan River from the mouth to Carbrook. Check out the channel which runs at a right angle to Little Rocky Point, near the river’s mouth.

Use Top Bait
Whether you’ve let us give your boat a service or are taking a new boat you’ve bought from us out on the water for the first time, a fishing trip would be a great choice. Some fishing experts swear by setting up a berley trail before fishing to attract the bream from your fishing boat.

Keep up a steady flow of berley trailing with a fail-safe bait of chook gut, prawns, worms and yabbies. The size limit of any catch you keep must be a minimum of 25cm with a combined limit of 30, (more on that later).

Other Varieties of Fish to Watch Out For
You’ll find a few flatheads, especially around the southern bay islands. Some enthusiasts have also caught mulloway with live bait accounting for the bigger fish. A string of banana prawns makes an excellent bait whatever the time of year. Mangrove Jack, Tailor and Threadfin are all also potential catches.

There should be plenty of prawns up for grabs too. Top spots have included the areas around the southern Bay islands, especially the Saltworks and further south along Russell Island.

Offshore there have been great-sized Mahi Mahi caught near Pt Lookout along with top-quality Spanish mackerel in the shallows. Fishing in deeper waters toward the bottom of the waters has also turned up pearl perch, snapper and tusk fish.

Top Locations for Land-Based Fishing
Beaches and bays are ideal spots for this kind of fishing. If the beach is shallow and the water is clear then dusk tends to be the best time to cast your line. The points on either side of a beach can be the best locations.

If you head for a larger beach look out for irregularities in the breaking waves. These indicate sandbanks and holes and can again be good spots for fishing.

Harbours and marinas are often great fishing spots as they tend to benefit from a shelter, attracting a broad cross-section of bait fish. Like river mouths, harbour entrances are hotspots as fish will swim in and out as the tides rise and fall. You’ll find 2 key harbours in the Redland bay area.

Always Check Recreational Fishing Rules
It’s vital to get to know the rules and regulations in place that protect fish species and the sustainability of the fishing industry. You do not require a licence to fish recreationally from your fishing boat in the Redland Bay area. You can read more about some of these rules here.

Remember that restrictions can vary even between short distances. Some of the most complex rules focus on the type of equipment you’ll be using. That includes crab pots, dillies and collapsible traps.

Catch Limits
There are limits on the size (specifically the length) of a species you can take and the quantity of a species you can have in your possession. Size limits are there to encourage fish to spawn at least once in order to add to the species numbers.

Some fish have a maximum and a minimum size limit. That’s because it is the bigger individual fish that may contribute more to the population size.

Bear in mind that the calculation for the cap on fish is not per day or per fishing trip.  Any fish you have caught before and are storing at home in the freezer make up part of your possession limit for a fish species.

Many of the fish you’ll find in the Redland Bay area are subject to fishing limits. Check the limits for those caught in tidal waters here and for those caught in freshwater here.

Brisbane’s Finest Fishing Boats
Mike’s Marine has a combined 80 years of experience in the marine and fishing boat industry. We’re proud to play a part in the fishing community and specialise in Savage Fishing Boats.

We’re passionate about the area we serve. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our customers out on the water enjoying a day’s fishing on a boat supplied or serviced by us. Come and talk to us today and you may be bringing in your haul sooner than you think!