There’s one way to make sure owning a boat is plain sailing, and that is to get your boat serviced regularly. Why?

Water and boats may go together like salt and pepper, but there’s a corrosive element to water, particularly from the sea. Regular boat maintenance will keep everything ship-shaped.

Think of boat servicing as an investment that will promote the longevity of your prized possession and bring you extra peace of mind. Sail off into the sunset with confidence as we explain when’s best for boat servicing in the Redlands.

When to Consider Boat Servicing

Regular boat maintenance will help prevent several issues from cropping up when you’re out on the water. It’s going to keep you and those on board safe and stop small issues from turning into major (and expensive) problems.

There are some signs to watch for that mean you should book your boat in for a service. These include:

Difficulties Planing

If you experience problems planing, overloading and poor weight distribution are often culprits. However, other issues may also be present, such as a failing fuel injection system, cylinder problems or incorrect motor height.

Unusual Vibrations

You may notice that as your boat moves faster through the water, there’s a noticeable increase in the engine prop vibration. Sometimes, you’ll also be aware of a drop in speed, even with the engine racing.

This could be due to a distorted blade or fishing line caught on the shaft. It may also be down to a perished rubber inner bushing inside the outboard propeller hub that would normally absorb any shock.

Engine Rust

Left untreated, this could cause the engine to fail or even damage it if seizes up.

Pumping Issues

There should be a steady stream of water getting pumped out of the boat. If there isn’t, then you have a problem on your hands.

Too Much Smoke

A little bit of smoke from a two-stroke outboard is usually nothing to worry about. However, too much smoke on a regular basis could indicate oil leaks, water infiltration, clogged filters or dirty fuel.

The Best Time for Boat Servicing

Those are just a handful of the issues you may experience if you own a boat, and they can indicate that you are not getting your boat serviced often enough. If you don’t let a trained mechanic fix these kinds of problems, you may have more serious issues further down the line.

Mike’s Marine recommends getting your boat professionally serviced once a year, regardless of how often you use it. If you decide to leave it longer, you should book a service at least after every 1500 running hours for a petrol engine and every 5000 running hours for a marine diesel.

If you use your boat a lot or in harsh conditions, you may need to go for more frequent boat servicing. You might need to consider servicing your boat every six months, for example, to keep it running smoothly.

Boat Servicing Inspections

Winter can be challenging for boat owners. The weather is cooler, and the days are shorter, making it more difficult to get out on the water. However, winter is an ideal time to get your boat serviced, as you’ll be avoiding peak season demand. Your boat will also be good to go the moment the next boating season arrives.

As well as maintaining your boat, the boat servicing team will inspect:

  • The battery: ensuring cells get topped up with distilled water & replacing parts
  • Fuel lines: ensuring joints are safe and replacing leaky lines
  • Water pump: checking for obstructions & replacing the rubber impeller
  • Hull: checking for dents & loose skin fittings, testing the bilge pump
  • Propeller: checking blades for damage and removing obstructions
  • Oil: ensuring levels are correct and changing the oil as appropriate
  • Testing electronics, ropes, rigging and navigation lights

Non-Routine Boat Maintenance

In addition to regular servicing, your boat needs other kinds of maintenance plans to keep it in good working order. You should clean and polish it thoroughly, check for damage to the propeller, check safety gear and replace worn-out components.

Your Boat’s Value

Although it may seem a long way off, there’s likely to be a time in the future when you want to sell your boat. You may, for example, want to upgrade to a bigger model, or if the kids have moved out, you may be looking for a smaller boat.

When the time comes to sell, it makes sense to get the best possible price. The value of a boat will depend on its condition. Small repairs and torn or worn upholstery can hurt a boat’s value.

Buyers will want to see your boat’s service history. If you can prove you have looked after it by getting it serviced regularly, you’ll have a much better chance of selling your boat more quickly and for the best possible price.

Why You Should Service Your Boat

Here are some of the key benefits of boat servicing in the Redlands:

  • Improved safety levels on the water
  • Extending the lifespan of your boat
  • Preserving your boat’s value
  • Your boat will be ready to go whenever you want it
  • Better engine performance, resulting in less fuel consumption
  • Protection of engine and other equipment, from fibreglass to rigging

And remember, boat cleaning is one of the most important elements of boat maintenance. If you fail to wash and polish the surface of a fibreglass boat, it will become chalky.

The harmful effects of the sun and salt will eventually dull the deck and make its condition more likely to deteriorate. Ensuring your boat is clean will help maintain its appearance and protect its structural integrity. Corrosive saltwater will start to wear the boat down. The result of that can be very expensive.

Mike’s Marine For Boat Servicing, Every Time!

We have many years of experience in boat servicing and boat maintenance. Speak to the qualified experts at Mike’s Marine and book your vessel in for the best boat servicing in the Redlands today.