Knowing when it is time to engage with Brisbane boat servicing for your boat is an essential part of being a responsible boat owner. Like any other machinery, your boat needs regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that it continues to perform well and operates safely.

Think about how often you service your car – some things you take care of yourself, like regular cleaning, but other things like oil changes and specialised maintenance generally require professional help.

You should have a regular servicing schedule in place to ensure your boat is safe to operate, but of course, if you notice any issues while out in the water, you should bring it in for an inspection immediately.

Basic Boat Servicing

Brisbane boat servicing consists of a wide variety of tasks, from simple ones to those that are very complex. Basic things like regular cleaning and lubricating joints and nooks are part of holistic boat maintenance and should always be done – but usually, this is something you can do yourself.

Other aspects of the boat that need regular maintenance like your engine, water pump, and battery require professional servicing!

When you go in for servicing, your boat engine is checked to see if spark plugs need to be replaced and to ensure that it is in 100% working condition. This is the only way your boat gets power, so this is a top priority of boat servicing.

The water pump will be checked to ensure that nothing is blocking the flow of water, and of course to clean it.

It is necessary to service the batteries as well – one of the worst things that could happen is that your battery dies while you are out on the water! The boat servicing technicians will check to see if your battery is fully charged and will check the charge rate of the battery. Similarly, they will verify that there are no loose connections or worn-out wires.

Boat servicing also involved checking fuel lines and oil levels. The fuel lines will be checked to confirm there are no leaks or broken lines. Likewise, check the oil a few times a year to prevent any damage to your vessel.

Making Your Safety A Priority

Additionally, the propeller inspections check for anything caught in the motor or potential damage to the prop itself. The hull will be inspected on the inside and outside to ensure that it is not damaged. This inspection is a vital aspect of boat servicing since a damaged hull can lead to water intrusion and other significant problems.

Other things that are included in boat servicing are checking the bung plugs, navigation lights, and other safety features on the boat. All joints and connections will be tested as well as your trailer rollers.

As you can see, a lot goes into this – that’s why we recommend working with professionals for your Brisbane boat servicing.

Why Work with Mike’s Marine

When it is time to service your vessel, Mike’s Marine is here to help with all of your Brisbane boat servicing needs. We have over 80 years of experience, and our customers across Brisbane trust us to ensure that their boats operate safely and at peak performance!

We have a certified Mercury workshop and are re-power specialists. Although we have a high level of expertise with Mercury motors, our technicians can also service all other makes and models.

Whether you have a Yamaha, Honda or Suzuki motor, our dedicated team of experts can give you the best technical advice possible. Our top priorities are customer service, quality of the product, and quality of workmanship.

When you partner with Mike’s Marine for your Brisbane boat servicing, you will have peace of mind that your vessel is operating properly! We also aim to make the experience as easy as possible, so all you have to do is pull up to our drop-off zone and we will handle the rest from there.