So you have decided to sell your boat, but you are not sure where to start? From marketing and advertising to maintenance and cleaning, there is certainly a lot to consider before putting your boat on the market. Then there is setting a sale price; you might not know what your vessel is worth or anything you can do to improve the sale price.

Our consignment service is so superior that you will feel at ease knowing our friendly expert advice and thorough service will see your boat sold at the best possible price. Additionally, we can offer your vessel a professional detailing service, social media, and web advertising through our social pages and boating websites Boatsales and Boatpoint. Still, perhaps the most proactive strategy yet is the high traffic we get through our boatyards. We are constantly dealing with prospective boat buyers, and our extensive database is sure to have a buyer looking precisely for a boat like yours.

One of the most critical aspects of selling your boat, and indeed for prospective buyers buying your boat, is a boat condition report. A boat condition report is the best way to ensure your boat is safe, compliant with marine regulations, and meets all the requirements to operate on the water. In addition, these reports help to minimise the risk of costly repairs through early fault detection and provides peace of mind to the buyer looking at your boat. Buyers need the confidence to walk away with the keys knowing their new boat will not cause them any significant issues.

Our boat condition report is a comprehensive checklist of essential boat mechanics. We will carefully assess the hull, inspecting the visual quality of the keel, strakes, and chine, the deck or cabin, windscreen, steering, and canopy, among others and list them as good or poor. We will also determine if osmosis is present on the hull. Osmosis is moisture trapped within the fiberglass and topcoat, usually presenting in the form of blisters. These blisters hold water and can swell, soften, and propagate, causing the hull to weaken over time.

Additionally, a boat condition report can identify any issues in the motor that may affect your boat sale. We check for visible damage, corrosion, or lose parts. See if the fuel storage is safely secured, what condition the lines, filters, and connections are in, and of course, assess the engine oil, battery, and electrical system of the boat.

While leaving no stone unturned in your boat condition report, we will run the motor and complete checks for water leaks, fuel leaks, throttle, gearshift, and all instrument functions, among many other critical assessments. In addition, we will note any general comments about the condition of the boat and specifically highlight items that require immediate attention.
If your boat needs some TLC before a sale, and your boat condition report reflects this, Mike’s Marine are qualified experts in boat servicing and repairs. We can give you expert advice and complete any necessary repairs using only genuine parts to ensure your boat is as sale-worthy as possible should you wish to complete these before the sale.

But the main benefit of a pre-sale boat condition report from Mike’s Marine is the peace of mind in knowing an independent professional has thoroughly combed over your vessel and completed all mandatory checks. A prospective buyer can then see how safe, compliant, and seaworthy your boat is. The sale process will become much faster and smoother as the buyer will know exactly what they are getting and what to expect.

So, if you are looking for a reputable expert in marine dealership and boat servicing Redlands to complete your pre-sale boat condition report, Mike’s Marine will guarantee professional, friendly service with results you can trust. So, call us today, and let us help you sell your boat!