Going out on the water for the first time in your new boat is exciting. Testing the helm in your own vessel is a day to remember and relish. If you’re new to boating, (or even a seasoned boater), there are a few things to make sure you consider prior to heading out to ensure you have a safe trip. Whether you’re setting out for a day on the water with your new Mercury outboard motor or your Savage Boat, here are six things to remember for a great trip.

Check the Weather Report Before Venturing Out
 As with all outdoor activities, boating is very susceptible to the elements. Be sure to check the weather report for the day before leaving the dock. (The Australian Bureau of Meteorology can be found here online). Only solidify your plans once you know that the waters will be calm enough to be fun. If the conditions look rough, such as an approaching thunderstorm or high winds, postpone your outing. A clear day is always on a future horizon and it’s worth waiting for. As a savage boat dealer with years of industry experience…we know this to be true!

Have Life Jackets for Everyone
There’s no way around it, life jackets save lives. In the event that the unexpected occurs, everyone on your boat should have a life jacket to wear, even if they are a strong swimmer. Best be prepared.

Make sure to invest in quality life jackets that you’ll be comfortable wearing for the duration of your trip and to have the right sizes on hand. With the right jacket to wear, everyone can rest at ease and enjoy the view.

 Remember to Slow Down in Rougher Water
Waves can certainly be fun! But water that’s too rough can be nerve-wracking and cause injuries. A good rule of thumb is to remember that, if you’re the captain and the ride feels a bit bumpy, your passengers are feeling it even more than you. What’s a bump for you is a bang for them. Avoid the temptation to take on bigger and bigger waves. Pull back on the throttle before the boat hits the big ones for a smoother ride.

Start Small and Build Up
Going boating on a long trip for an entire day can be a dream come true. With your first few trips, however, it’s wise to go on shorter jaunts to learn what works best for you and your family. Shorter trips can help you build up your confidence and allow you to respond to different situations that may arise without being too far afield. You’ll learn what essentials are essential for your group and what type of activities everyone likes most.

 Adjust the Trim
 Learning to adjust the trim of your boat can allow you to optimise efficiency, especially when traveling in rougher weather. Your trim control button is on your throttle and it allows you to adjust your outboard up and down to optimise the running angle of your boat. This video from the US provides a beginner’s guide to boat trim.

 Don’t Rush
Allow yourself enough time to plan your outing and not rush out onto the water. This way you decrease your chances of forgetting something and ending up in a tricky situation. Take it slow, prepare, and plan.

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