Want to buy a boat? Then remember, boat inspections are essential.

If it’s a dream you’ve had for years it can be tempting to buy the first one you like but honestly, you should buy a boat with your head not with your heart.

Above all else you need to have a clear idea of what kind of boat would suit your needs before parting with your cash. Buying a boat on impulse could cost you dearly and turn that long-held dream into a nightmare.

So, before you check out boat sales in Redlands, work through our boat buying checklist so you know exactly what you’re looking for to avoid any costly mistakes.

What Will Your Boat Be Used For?
Buying a boat is a bit like buying a car, a sporty 2-seater might look great but it’s not much use if you plan to go off-roading.

So think about what you want to use your boat for.

Do you want…

● Something small so you can explore inlets and small waterways?
● Somewhere to sleep overnight with cooking facilities?
● Room to accommodate friends or family?
● The ability to water-ski?
● Flexibility for multi-purpose use?

When you’re clear on the type of boat you want, you can then start exploring boat sales with greater confidence.

New V’s Second-Hand Boats
The price of second-hand boats are very competitive when you compare the cost to buying a new one. If you’re weighing up how to make the most of your boat budget, you might want to consider the pros and cons of each option.

Used Boats

Buying a used boat will certainly get you more bang for your buck, but remember, boat inspections are essential and when it comes to investing in a boat.

You’ll also need to get the boats history so that you can make an informed decision about buying. Ask the seller to provide maintenance or service records and have them explain what the boat was used for, how many hours the boat has done and if it’s ever been damaged.

If you don’t like their answers, be prepared to walk away.

New boats

If you buy a new boat you won’t have to worry about where it’s been or what it’s been used for, but you will have to pay a premium for the privilege. A new boat will also come with a warranty which is reassuring with such a big spend. Speak to the team at Mikes Marine first to get their advice on new boats that might suit your lifestyle and budget. They also, offer finance options for boats and motors, so you wont have to compromise on your dream vessel.

How Will You Cover The Costs?
When figuring out your boating budget, have you thought about how you will cover the costs of owning a boat after the initial outlay?

If you’re planning to spend all your recreational time in your boat instead of paying for holidays and trips then it can be very cost-effective over the long term, but there will be ongoing costs you’ll need to budget for including,

● Regular servicing
● Insurance
● Moorings and storage
● General maintenance

Work out an annual cost for all these things and make sure you’ve factored it into your calculations before you begin your search.

Remember… Boat Inspections Are Essential
To make sure the boat you are buying is safe and sound both at the point of purchase and afterwards, regular boat inspections are a must.

Mike’s Marine offers specialist boat inspection in Redlands and we pride ourselves on top quality parts and service.

We have a fully equipped workshop to complete any necessary repairs before and after boat sales and we include Roadworthy Certificates for your peace of mind.

As well as practical excellence, we offer expert advice and pre-purchase inspections so you can make the best boat buying decision for your needs and your budget.

Buying a boat is both thrilling and a little scary, but if you do your homework and get your boat inspected, you can sail off safely into the sunset.

Contact us today to find out more.