Choosing a new boat motor is an important decision, which is why we’ve put together this fantastic guide to help you! Keep reading to learn about Mercury and how they really are the top outboard motors around.

Powerful And Reliable
Mercury outboard motors are some of the most powerful and reliable outboard engines on the market providing superior fuel economy, exceptional handling and performance, and outstanding power output.
For example, the V8 Verado outboard engine can generate ample torque through class-leading 4.6L displacement. The 350 and 400 HP models are supercharged and can deliver an instant throttle boost!
Although power is an important characteristic of a top outboard motor, reliability is just as important. Mercury outboard motors are extremely reliable and easy to maintain thanks to their superior engineering. The exclusive Top Cowl Service Door makes routine maintenance very simple allowing you to add engine oil or check the oil levels without removing the top cowl! The motors are also equipped with a maintenance schedule decal, which will give operators a quick overview of the boat’s status.

They Are Affordable
You may be thinking that choosing an outboard motor at a certified Mercury workshop can be cost-prohibitive, but that’s simply not the case!
There’s a Mercury motor for every budget, boating style, and preference. When you work with a certified Mercury workshop like Mike’s Marine Brisbane, expert technicians can help you find the right outboard engine for your needs and budget.
Mercury outboard motors are some of the most affordable engines available, especially considering the quality workmanship you receive with every purchase!

Great For Brisbane Boating
Mercury motors are the perfect solution for Brisbane boating. They’re designed for effortless operation, and many of the motors are equipped with SmartCraft digital throttle and shift.
This feature makes shifting smooth and allows for instant throttle response. They also allow for electro-hydraulic power steering that makes you feel like you’re driving a car! Mercury outboard motors are known for providing precision handling, making them perfect for spending time on the water with your family and friends.
Another great feature is Joystick Piloting, which allows users to precisely steer, shift, and throttle – making docking around Brisbane a breeze! You can use this technology to easily turn the boat on an axis, in any wind or current, confidently and safely.
Mercury is a Trusted Brand

Mercury is one of the most trusted brands around the world because its outboard motors are powerful, reliable, and affordable. They are backed by decades of leadership and innovation, and they have built their reputation on quality products.
When boaters equip their boats with a Mercury engine, they know they’re getting a motor that delivers legendary performance, uses the best technology in the industry, and is built to last.
Mercury offers a wide variety of options, like the Verado, SeaPro, or Pro XS, and you are sure to be satisfied regardless of which one you choose!

Mike’s Marine is Your Mercury Outboard Stockist
If you’re ready for your very own Mercury outboard motor, Mike’s Marine Brisbane is here to help make that happen! We are a top-tier Mercury stockist, and our expert staff can work with you to equip the right outboard motor for your needs. Plus, once you get your new Mercury engine, we have certified marine mechanics that specialise in Mercury engine servicing.
With over 80 years of combined experience, our goal is to keep you and your family enjoying your boat, and since we are family-owned, we always aim to support the local community.

Contact us to start shopping for your Mercury Motor in Brisbane today!