You might have the coolest-looking boat on the planet, but if the engine’s not up to the job, you’ll soon get that sinking feeling. An engine is your boat’s beating heart, so it pays to have one that’s reliable, affordable, easy to maintain and the right match to take the strain.

Enter Mercury outboard motors that have been in operation since 1939, with sizes now reaching up to 600 hp (450 kW).

With years of experience, Mercury ensures unbeatable craftsmanship. It’s one of the many reasons why Mike’s Marine is a proud Brisbane Mercury Dealership. Read on for the lowdown on these first-class engines.

Power and Reliability

Mercury outboard motors have a reputation built on these two fundamental essentials: power and reliability. They have been the main constants since the company’s earliest beginnings. Mercury manufactures engines with:

  • Superior fuel economy
  • Outstanding power output
  • Exceptional handling and performance

Take the Verado 600 hp. Mercury has lifted outboard performance to a whole new level, coming up with the ultimate luxury boating experience. This outboard delivers incredible performance and range for exciting adventures to new destinations.

The industry-first two-speed transmission and the outboard segment’s first steerable gearcase have revolutionised handling and control. Refined, smooth and quiet, this engine has raised the bar in premium design and engineering.

All Mercury outboard motors have reliability at their heart. The exclusive top cowl service door makes routine maintenance simplicity itself. You can add engine oil or check the oil levels without the need to remove the top cowl.

A Complete Range of Mercury Outboard Motors

One of the advantages of being a Certified Mercury Dealership is that we can offer a range of outboard motors and products to suit every shape and size of boat. Mercury outboard motors come in these branded categories with a variety of specs:

  • Verado (250-300 hp to 600 hp)
  • SeaPro (15-60 hp to 500 hp)
  • Jet (25-40 hp to 65-80 hp)
  • Pro XS (115-150 hp to 175-300hp)
  • FourStroke, including the ProKicker (from 5-25 hp to 175-300 hp)
  • Avator (20e and 35e electric outboards)

The Verado range of Mercury outboard motors will power the largest of boats, so size is never an issue.

The SeaPro line will let you cruise with cleaner and more efficient power. The most powerful models in the range boast upper mounts that are twice as stiff as their recreational counterparts. The Jet motors are ideal for shallow-water fishing or sport fishing.

Mercury has engineered Pro XS outboards for those wanting ultimate performance. They’re ideal for anglers taking part in the competition circuit or for those powerboaters who crave speed and acceleration.

The FourStrokes are lightweight but sturdy. Even the smallest models in the range are easy to install and operate. They come with unmatched starting reliability, minimal vibration and instant throttle response.


Because of the wide range of models and specs, there are Mercury outboard motors for every budget, boat size and lifestyle choice. A Brisbane Mercury Dealership like Mike’s Marine will help you source the right outboard engine to suit you.

Mercury outboard motors offer excellent value for money. That’s down to their quality, reliability, quality and innovation. Driven by the technology of the future, they deliver powerful, fuel-efficient output every time.

The Best Customer Service

Mercury excels in the level of service offered to its customers. A team of experts have years of experience behind them designing and engineering Mercury products.

As a Brisbane Mercury Dealership, Mike’s Marine has a great relationship with the manufacturers. That makes it easy for us to fine-tune your choice of outboard engine to your preferred specs. We can also get any issues rectified quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss.

Ideal for Brisbane Boating

Designed for effortless operation, many Mercury outboard motors come equipped with SmartCraft digital throttle and shift.

SmartCraft is a fully integrated and powerful boat information system unique to Mercury. It’s able to give real-time information on a wealth of engine diagnostics. These include RPM, fuel flow and management, temperature and speed readings.

SmartCraft covers your boat’s sensors, vessel systems, gauges and other computer-controlled features. It automatically detects which engine it’s connected to. It tests the sensors and gets rid of any displays unsupported on that particular engine. It also reduces your rigging time.

Unbeatable Smart Technology

SmartCraft digital throttle and shift makes shifting as smooth as silk and allows for instant throttle response. Additional electro-hydraulic power steering will give you the sensation of driving a car. Precision handling adds a degree of comfort that will enhance your boating experience with family and friends.

An additional feature is Joystick Piloting. It makes steering, shifting and using the throttle simplicity itself. The exceptional technology will allow you to turn the boat confidently and safely on an axis and in any wind or current.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining a boat’s engine is essential to reducing the risk of performance issues. For example, you need to be across the motor’s cooling system of the motor.

Mercury outboard motors have a minimal number of moving parts, and that means there’s very little that can go wrong. The engines allow for easy access to essential components. Years of experience have allowed Mercury to fine-tune their engines with a focus on optimum fuel efficiency and reliability.

Excellent support is available, including a wide range of online how-to videos. All new Mercury outboard motors come with extensive warranties. On top of this, having the backup of a certified Mercury Dealership like Mike’s Marine means you will have total peace of mind.

Make Mercury Outboard Motors Your First Choice

When you choose Mercury outboard motors from a certified Mercury Dealership, you’ll reap the benefits of an engine with an unbeatable reputation. Mercury has decades of technological expertise behind it, backed up by an expert team of engine engineers.

We know the whole Mercury range from top to bottom. Get in touch with Mike’s Marine today. We are the premier Brisbane Mercury Dealership and can talk you through all the outboard motor options that are going to suit you best.