It’s always a bittersweet moment when the high season draws to a close. It means the end of those long, carefree days, but it’s also a time to look forward to and get ready for the next spring and summer.

If you own a vessel, winter is the ideal moment to check it over and give it a boat service in Capalaba. Dealers and mechanics tend to be less busy, and prices may lower, too, when there’s less demand.

Read on as we navigate you through winter boat servicing in Queensland so that your pride and joy is ship-shaped and sparkling again for the spring.

Your Boat Servicing Checklist

Mike’s Marine has many years of experience in winter boat servicing. We’ve always enjoyed listening to some of the tips our customers are willing to share about looking after their boats over the winter. Here are some of the best:

  • Book your boat in for a service at Mike’s Marine! Let us look after your engine
  • Check over your boat for rot or mould and clean it off with a specialist product
  • Scrub the fridge to avoid mould, mildew, and unpleasant odours in the spring
  • Vacuum cushions and mattresses
  • Store all bunk mattresses in the upright position
  • Leave lockers slightly open so that air can circulate
  • Empty all cupboards and storage units
  • Take all the boat’s contents home: wash, repair or replace items as needed
  • Flush the head and sink with plenty of fresh water
  • Clean the boat thoroughly and get rid of any organic material and pools of water
  • Wash down all fishing gear and live bait tanks
  • Rinse the anchor and chain
  • Hose out scuppers and cockpit drains
  • Drain away water and flush out waste tanks
  • Check for any signs of corrosion
  • Oil the door latches hinges and door latches
  • Lubricate all zippers, whether you plan to leave the canvas on or not
  • Disconnect the water heater
  • Charge and maintain batteries
  • Top up the fuel tanks and consider adding a marine fuel stabiliser
  • Park trailered boats away from trees and make sure covers are tight
  • Check the pressure of trailer tyres and ensure the wheels’ lug nuts are secure

It’s usually best to check over your boat before you hand it over for a boat service in Capalaba. This is so that you give your service team a heads-up about any deficiencies or concerns you have. For example, if you spot scratches in the boat paint, get them repaired to prevent the paint from peeling away further.

Take Advantage of Winter for Boat Maintenance

You should remove electronics, valuables, fire extinguishers, flares, and other loose items. Then, place them in neatly labelled boxes for easy unpacking in the spring.

Do a complete washdown of the boat, using specialty cleaners to remove tree sap, rust stains, water runoff, and other fibreglass stains. If you don’t, these stains could become permanent by spring.

Winter presents its unique challenges for boat owners. Shorter days and cooler temperatures make it harder to use and maintain boats. On the plus side, you can avoid the busy peak season and get your boat serviced when the pressure on expert mechanics is lower.

Over the summer months, it can be much more difficult to find an available service provider. Prices also tend to rise due to increased demand.

Sort Any Issues Before They Get Out of Control!

Identify and address problems before they turn into major headaches. Winter boat servicing helps flag up any issues that may have developed during the previous boating season.

If you sort these problems early, you can prevent them from getting bigger and more costly. Not fixing them could affect your boat’s performance or safety. Servicing is a sound investment as it can save you time and money in the long run. It also gives you peace of mind when you head out on the water in the spring.

Keep Your Boat in Tip-Top Condition

Winter weather can be harsh on boats, with colder temperatures posing potential risks to their structure and components. Servicing during the winter will keep your boat in good condition and prevent any possible damage.

This should include protecting the exterior of your boat by covering it with a good-quality tarpaulin and performing routine maintenance such as:

  • Regular oil changes
  • Battery checks
  • Engine and key component inspections

A change of oil is essential. Do not put this off until spring, as you need to remove moisture and residual acids from the system that could damage your engine if left unattended over the winter.

Prepare Your Boat for the Next Boating Season

Winter boat servicing will ensure that your boat is ready for the next boating season. Double-check that all of your safety equipment is up to date and in good working order. Check any expiry dates and replace items as necessary especially if they’re in poor condition. Here are some more safety tips:

  • Check flares and fire equipment
  • Inspect lifejackets for tears or missing parts
  • Make sure your first aid kit is complete
  • Check torches and batteries

Make sure that your boat’s navigation and communication systems are functioning properly. This will help to ensure that your boat is safe, secure and ready to go when the summer arrives.

Remember to only use marine parts approved by your boat’s manufacturer or service provider. Never use car parts on a boat. Store your boat in a dry location away from direct sunlight.

Cover the vessel if you plan to store your boat outdoors to protect it from the elements. Check fittings that go through your hull regularly, such as engine ventilation equipment.

Ensure the hull and decks of your boat are clean and waxed. This not only improves fuel efficiency but also stops leaks and extends the lifespan of your boat.

Book Your Boat Service in Capalaba

Remember, the best marine mechanics get snapped up very quickly. So, book your service early and get a date in the diary as soon as you can. Contact Mike’s Marine today and get winter boat servicing sorted today.