Buying a boat is one of life’s most significant purchases. It pays to look after your purchase well. Think of a certified boat mechanic as being like a doctor, there to look after and treat your prized possession.

Like people, boats come in all shapes, sizes and ages. The make and model create a broad spectrum of maintenance requirements conducted by a certified marine mechanic.

Read on to find out why Mike’s Marine is so well qualified to look after your boat. We service all makes and models used or new. With a certified Mercury workshop, we’re amongst the top industry-recognised boat mechanics.

What to Look For in a Certified Boat Mechanic

A boat engine has different characteristics when compared to a vehicle engine. It takes a specialist and certified boat mechanic to carry out routine and preventative maintenance on any type of boat.

Boat repairs present their unique challenges, so it’s essential to leave these to the experts to retain the value of your investment. Preventative maintenance is vital, and a good boat mechanic will ensure your boat’s engine is always in excellent working condition.

The Devil Is in the Detail

To find the best certified boat mechanic, you will need to put on your detective hat. Carry out a bit of careful research before you entrust such a valuable asset into the hands of a “boat doctor.” You should start by checking the listings available through online directories or professional associations.

Ask to see evidence of your boat mechanic’s qualifications. Any good mechanic will always be happy to have relevant certifications and endorsements on display. Check on any specialist certifications they may hold that add value to the services they offer. For example, do they have a certified Mercury workshop like Mike’s Marine?

First Impressions Matter

A friendly welcome is always a plus, but you should look for a certified marine mechanic who uses modern diagnostic equipment. They should also only employ certified technicians who have undergone extensive training and have specialist experience.

Bigger boats, in particular, may have more complex navigation systems, state-of-the-art electronics and other equipment. They need technicians whose qualifications and certifications are bang up-to-date.

A Useful Checklist to Help You Make the Right Choice

Here are a few essentials to check out:

  • Ask if you can have a walk-through of the service area
  • Look for signs that the workshop is well-organised, clean and well looked after
  • Check the average wait times for boat servicing
  • Enquire about the training technicians get and if they undergo refresher courses

Because boats vary in size, makes and models of outboard motors, workshops need mechanics with an eclectic mix of skills. Certain brands may need those who can work in a certified Mercury workshop, like Mike’s Marine, for example.

Why a Certified Boat Mechanic’s Experience Is Important

Find out the range of services on offer. These will include boat servicing, routine maintenance, emergency repairs and day-to-day repairs, along with routine boat inspections.

When checking online for the ideal boat mechanic, look out for the makes and models of boats they work on most often. You may find some mechanics specialise in niche areas like smaller sailing boats. Others may have a speciality in bigger boats and yachts.

Electronics vs Mechanics

Some marine mechanics may also have more experience repairing certain engine types. Never be afraid to ask a new potential mechanic whether they have experience in servicing the kind of engine your boat has.

The inner components of boats may appear similar, but you should find a certified boat mechanic with the skill set to look after your specific boat. Bear in mind that the more specialised boat you have, the more specialised servicing you may need to maintain it.

If you own a boat with complex electronics, make sure your mechanic has the qualifications to handle these, as well as the more general components of your boat.

Ask for Recommendations and Check Out Reviews

Nothing beats word of mouth, so use your own social media network to find out about mechanics who may come highly recommended. Trust your instincts. If there’s anything that puts you off and doesn’t feel right, it’s always best to walk away.

We’ve become more and more reliant on online reviews. There are very few certified boat mechanics that do not have an online presence. Here, you’ll find online reviews that showcase what they have to offer.

Online boating forums in the Redlands area are also an excellent starting point to ask for recommendations. You’ll often find others who have already used the services of mechanics you may have your eye on. You might even be able to read past conversations about your potential mechanic’s work before you decide to entrust your boat to them.

The Art of Great Communication

The best form of communication involves a lot of listening. Ask any prospective mechanics plenty of questions and listen to what they have to say. Have a list of queries in your back pocket related to qualifications, wait times, procedures, pricing, and warranties.

Price is also going to be a driving factor in your choice of mechanic. Costs will vary depending on the size of your boat, the gear it has and how often you’ve been using it. Check out your preferred boat mechanic’s pricing structure.

Make sure rates are competitive and realistic. Nothing beats a sense of security but you need to be sure you’re getting the best value. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. So always be sure that you’re confident in the services your mechanic is going to provide.

Make Mike’s Marine Your Next Certified Boat Mechanic!

What makes Mike’s Marine stand out from the crowd is their range of expertise. Their Mercury and Mercruiser certified workshop can tackle the servicing and repair of any make or model of boat.

With over eighty years of combined experience in the boat servicing industry, they are the most trusted certified boat mechanic in the Redlands area and beyond. Talk to one of the friendly team at Mike’s Marine today and entrust your boat to the experts with confidence.